“Improbable is one of the brilliant faces of British Theatre."

Current shows


Opening Skinner's Box

July 5-17 2015
R&D Residency at Wexner Center

Opening Skinner's Box is a book that Lee and Phelim have wanted to adapt for a long time. This year two weeks of R&D will take place at the Wexner Center in Columbus, Ohio, who are one of the co-producers of the show. 

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The Tempest

September 25-October 24 2015
Northern Stage | Oxford Playhouse

Widely considered to be Shakespeare’s final play, The Tempest combines magic, drama, romance and comedy.  This new ensemble production contains visual treats, original music, plenty of mischief and a whole lot of wizardry.

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Animo 5


November 4-7 2015
New Diorama

Animo is a puppetry performance like no other: no script, no set, just a range of everyday materials, five improvisers and a completely different show every night. Special guest this year is Mark Down, Artistic Director of Blind Summit.

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March 4-18 2016

ENO’s new production is directed by Improbable theatre company’s Phelim McDermott and follows his spectacular stagings of Glass’s Satyagraha and The Perfect American.

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Devoted & Disgruntled

D&D iii!: What could it be and what should it do?

July 23 2015
New Studio, CSSD


Improbable make theatre, so we reckon we're pretty good at telling a story. But there's one story that we've never told that well: it's the story about Improbable’s relationship to improvisation and the intimate connection between our impro work and the other things we do which get credited as "proper theatre". Finally Improbable have a big, bold idea that we think can tell that story better: The International Institute of Improvisation - the iii!

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