“Improbable is one of the brilliant faces of British Theatre."

Current shows

The Still version 2

The Still

October 23-25 2013
Camden People's Theatre

What happens when exciting practitioners from outside theatre meet Improbable onstage? This year the Real Horse Whisperer will be our guest: check out Michael Peace's website here

Tickets: £12/£10

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Permission Improbable

November 13-22 2014
Battersea Arts Centre

Five intrepid women will take to the stage to face the unknown and change the world. Mission Impossible? No not impossible, Improbable.

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Devoted & Disgruntled

Devoted & Disgruntled: How Do We Make Great Outdoor Arts?

October 23 2014
101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space, Newbury

A one-day D&D Open Space in partnership with 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space and Corn Exchange Newbury.

What are the ingredients for creating great outdoor arts?
How do we tell stories in the outdoors?
What do we need to learn to make our work stronger?
What processes, tools and techniques do we use to make our work?
How can we try out our performances and learn from our mistakes?
How can we encourage critical debate and feedback?
What can we learn from the venue-based world?
In a sector of amazing diversity what do we have in common?

A one-day D&D Open Space in partnership with 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space and Corn Exchange Newbury. - See more at: http://www.devotedanddisgruntled.com/events/outdoor-arts/#sthash.ME7Zdx81.dpuf
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Devoted & Disgruntled - Arts and Sports in Education: Luxury or a necessity? How Do We Build an Education System We Really Want?

October 25-26 2014
Festival Village, Southbank Centre, London, SE1 8XX

A two-day Open Space as part of the Southbank Centre's WHY - What's Happening for the Young? Festival.

Whether you are part of the education system; a teacher, policy maker, student or parent – or just someone who is devoted to, and disgruntled about, our education system, you are invited to join us for a 2-day Devoted and Disgruntled Open Space on Arts and Sports in Education.

Whether you're a teacher struggling to do the job you love through mountains of paperwork; a policy-maker trying to meet targets and quotas; a parent just wanting your child to succeed; an arts or sports practitioner with a passionate belief in the importance of what you do; a pupil who feels stuck in the middle of someone else’s argument; or someone who vehemently disagrees with all I have said and wants to have their say – I urge you to join me at an event that is about imagining change, making change and demanding change. This is a chance to work together on something we all care passionately about – a good education. - See more at: http://www.devotedanddisgruntled.com/events/DD-education/#sthash.JriQg4Vk.dpuf
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Devoted and Disgruntled 10 - International!

January 24-26 2015
York Hall, Bethnal Green

Tickets are on sale now for our 10th annual Devoted and Disgruntled Open Space event! This time, we're going International, with the welcome extended to theatre and arts practitioners across the globe..

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