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Opening Skinner's Box

April 22-June 4 2016
Northern Stage and West Yorkshire Playhouse

Inspired by the controversial book by Lauren Slater, Opening Skinner’s Box is a whistle-stop tour through ten great psychological experiments of the last century exploring the (sometimes dark) scientific quest to make sense of what we are and who we are.

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The Little Match Girl

May 24-June 4 2016
Spoleto Festival, Charleston, USA

In his opera, avantgarde composer Helmut Lachenmann explores the little match girl's last moments as she gazes into the dreams and memories conjured by the flams. Co-Directors Phelim McDermott of Improbable, and Mark Down of Blind Summit Theatre cast extraordinary shadows to make a show that almost isn't there, lit by the light of a match and performed at the speed of scissors.

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Animo 5


July 15 2016
Latitude Festival, Suffolk

Animo is a puppetry performance like no other: no script, no set, just a range of everyday materials and a completely different show every night. In collaboration with Mark Down, Artistic Director of Blind Summit.

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Devoted & Disgruntled

Devoted & Disgruntled: How can we change opera for the better?

April 9-10 2016
Lilian Baylis House, 165 Broadhurst Gardens, London NW6 3AX

Our second annual gathering around all things Opera. Join us for 2 days at the ENO rehearsal space to be part of the national conversation.

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