Current Workshops



Improbable are expert improvisers. Everything Improbable does will start somehow with improvisation, whether that’s a fully improvised show, or an opera that gets rehearsed using improvisational techniques. Our workshops look at the basic principles of improvisation and are taught by one of our experienced artistic team.

Object manipulation


Improbable has a history of creating incredible things out of everyday objects, from our massive sellotape structure in our outdoor show Sticky, to the giant puppets made out of newspaper in our opera Satyagraha. Combining puppetry and improvisation, this workshop will teach the basics of object manipulation that form the basis of our hit show Animo.

Cooking Chaos

Cooking Chaos

Drawing on Arnold Mindell’s Worldwork process, our Cooking Chaos workshops explore how theatre can engage with the world and how it can get political without being political theatre. This workshop aims to enable theatre practitioners to wake up to the dynamics that are alive within rehearsal rooms, plays and communities, and use them to create a new sort of improvised theatre using both conflict and collaboration.