The iii!

Introducing the International Institute of Improvisation

From mathematics to economics and disaster relief to education, old models of cause and effect are becoming obsolete. The complex and chaotic nature of the systems that surround us mean that flexibility, fluidity, spontaneity and real time responsiveness are the kinds of qualities needed for this speeded up world.

The future will belong to those who can improvise best.

As we enter our 21st year, Improbable is reflecting on the myriad ways we’ve used improvisation over the past two decades; and thinking about the future of improvisation over the next two decades and beyond.

We see that future being built on collaboration, not competition. We imagine a worldwide network of practitioners and researchers dedicated to supporting improvisational practice – within and beyond the arts – and a hub for those people to connect. We imagine a research centre that champions the status of improvisation and holds its history and archive. We imagine a space for learning improvisation online and in person; and a place that looks at how improvised work might be captured so it can be shared across the world. We imagine a place that interrogates how improvisation can be used for social good – to engage communities, bring people together, and turbo-charge the creativity of individuals and organisations of every kind.

The International Institute of Improvisation – the iii! – is that place. It consolidates Improbable’s work in these fields over the past 21 years, and unites it with that of other practitioners to safeguard, support and shape the future of improvisation through research, events and collaborations. In the long-term, we imagine the III as a building. Over the next couple of years, we’ll be creating the III in different locations and with different partners across the UK and the world.

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