Theatre Of Blood

A stage adaptation of the stylish ’70s horror movie “Theatre of Blood”.

The story of an actor who takes bloody revenge for a lifetime of bad reviews by murdering theatre critics in a series of Shakespearean deaths. The critics variously meet their end by stabbing, spearing, burning, drowning, having their heart cut out, and being forced to eat a pie with their pet poodles in it. This bloody tale of artistic retribution is adapted by Lee and Phelim and is directed by Phelim.

Improbable would like to point out that any similarity to any theatre critics living, dead, or who might have given us a bad review is entirely coincidental.

Theatre Of Blood was first premiered in 2005 at the Lyttelton Theatre, London.

Biliously funny, and the graphic death scenes are an ingenious and gory delight
Daily Telegraph

This revenger’s comedy is close to pitch perfect
The Stage

Creative team

Director: Phelim McDermott
Assistant Director/Writer: Lee Simpson
Designer: Rae Smith


Jim Broadbent
Rachael Stirling
Mark Lockyer
Paul Bentall
Bette Bourne
Hayley Carmichael
Sally Dexter
Steve Steen
Tim McMullan
Gerard Bell
Stephen Harper
Nick Haverson
Rachael Spence
Victoria Willing
Edward Woodall

Improbable’s clever, gleeful and gory staging of the cult ’70s movie…A terrific cast ham it up to the hilt
The Guardian

I loved Theatre of Blood
Daily Mail

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