Improvisation Experimentation.

The Still

What happened when non-theatre professionals met with Improbable improvisers onstage?

What happened when exciting practitioners from outside theatre met Improbable onstage? In this show, Improbable collaborated with a series of unique and diverse practitioners.

This experiment invited an expert in their chosen field, often from outside of theatre, to join Improbable in The Still. They ranged from scientists to therapists, from astrologers to economists.

The Improbable performers spent one week with the practitioner inside their theatrical ‘still’. At the end of the week the fermented brew would be offered up in the form of improvised performances.

These challenging collaborations were an exciting provocation for both the company, our chosen practitioners and the audience!

Guests included a horse whisperer, neurology nurse, astrologer and potter.

This production was developed in 2013 with support from Camden People’s Theatre and toured to Northern Stage.

Performed by Matilda Leyser, Phelim McDermott, Lee Simpson.
Music by Brendan Murphy

Guest included: Andrew Austin, Bridget Belgrave, Darby Costello, Libby Davy, John Kent, Charlie Kronick, Viviane Schwarz, Graham Taylor.

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