A spectacular collaboration between Improbable and The World Famous.

As darkness falls, an expectant silence is gently ripped by the symphonic crackle of static as roll after roll of sticky tape is pulled and twisted from the shadows – drawing lines of light that cut the space and quiver in the air. High above, a winged figure treads the sky, falters, and then falls, into a heaving carcass of translucent spidery limbs.

A huge structure is wrenched upwards from out of the ground, forged with fire, machinery and smoke. Hundreds of sparklers burst into life as it transforms before our eyes into a beautiful tower of filigree pinnacles and leaf veined windows, shimmering with fireworks against the backdrop of the night sky.

Sticky was first performed in 1998.

The sheer scale of this piece is thrilling.
The Guardian


Improbable with The World Famous
Directors for Improbable: Julian Crouch, Lee Simpson, Phelim McDermott
Directors for The World Famous: 
Greg Woods and Mike Roberts

The Creative Team: 
Rob Thirtle, Phil Eddols, Graeme Gilmour, Sarah-Jean Couzens, Phil Supple, Geoff Southall, Bruce Luckhurst, Gill Roughley, Peter Williams
Production Management: Jon Linstrum and Helen Maguire

Photographs on website for STICKY by: Nick Read, 2001 and Richard Haughton, 2003; illustrations by Julian Crouch, 2001

The most moving and triumphant things about it was that it was experienced by hundreds of families just expecting fireworks… but honoured with a massive work of art.
The Stage

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