Created in collaboration with AMICI Dance Theatre Company

Stars Are Out Tonight

Pius Hickey wins a trip into space. Little does he know that it is a well-conceived plot by the ruler of the Earth to rid the world of differently thinking people by banishing them to a distant planet. His journey becomes one of discovery as he brings his new found friends back to Earth to foil the ruler’s plan. Stars Are Out Tonight was an exciting performance by AMICI Dance Theatre Company in collaboration with Improbable.

The pioneering and unique practice of AMICI, with its exemplary aim to enable individuals to experience, share and develop their style collided with Improbable’s amazing visual style. The production combined AMICI’s belief that nothing is impossible and Improbable’s idea of creating work by the seat of your pants and the skin of your teeth – an amazing alchemy.

Presented at the Lyric, Hammersmith in 2005.

Created by Wolfgang Stange, AMICI, Julian Crouch and Lee Simpson
Photography Nik Mackey

Funded by The Royal Victoria Hall Foundation and Arts Council England.

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