“Last night I dreamt there was a demon in the bakery, and at his whim he spoiled the bread.”

At the beginning and the end of the show, three performers meet onstage, half in and half out of a steeply raked platform with no scripted lines to say and no story to act out. They have only themselves and the audience to make theatre from. In between is a story of three bakers who are three brothers. The eldest of the brothers is sent his call up papers to fight in his country’s war, but dreaming of heroism, the youngest brother incercepts the letter and goes to war in his sibling’s place.

Spirit is about the three performers struggling to tell the story of the three brothers. It is teasing, sad and funny, a serious joke about cycles of conflict on the personal and the global level, and maybe just a feeling about how we might break out of them. On the way there are headless puppets, bread rolls as puppets and a corpse as a puppet. There is strange dancing, deeply personal reminiscence and subtle, almost imperceptible improvisaion.

Spirit was a co-production with the Royal Court Theatre and premiered there in 2001. It has toured throughout the UK and internationally to Australia, Canada, Germany and USA.

Directors Julian Crouch and Arlene Audergon
Design Realisation Julian Crouch, Graeme Gilmour, Rob Thirtle, Helen McGuire
Lighting Design Colin Grenfell
Sound Design Andrew Paine
Production Manager Helen McGuire

Photography Alan McAteer

Performed by Guy Dartnell, Phelim McDermott and Lee Simpson

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