Female Improvisers Extraordinaire

Permission Improbable

Imagining an improvisation landscape created by women

Improvisation has historically been a predominantly male field and whilst there are more women improvising today, they do so in a male created landscape. Led by our Associate Director Matilda Leyser, Permission Improbable asks: what would an improvisation culture created by women look like?

So far, we’ve had an R&D period, a public (women only) workshop in 2013, six public performances at BAC in November 2014 (including two with female only audiences) and an ongoing improvisation practice group that meet monthly at Clapham Omnibus. We envisage a continuing workshop and performance combination reoccurring over the years.

After starting life in an R&D and developing during a workshop period, Permission Improbable had its first performances at Battersea Arts Centre in November 2014. We now hold a regular practice group for women involved with the project at Clapham Omnibus. We are continuing to plan and develop future manifestations of this project, including further workshops and performances.

Led by Matilda Leyser

2014 performers: Rebecca Harris, Bev Fox, Matilda Leyser, Alex Murdoch, Jackie Singer

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