Commissioned by the Barbican, Sydney Opera House and the Wexner Centre for the Arts


Love. Sex. Panic.

Come into the forest. Where the nymphs bathe and play. Where Pan sleeps. Careful not to wake him, he is the bringer of Panic. The Great God Pan: goat horns, goat’s legs, goatee beard and goaty penis, chasing his nymphs. But Pan is dead. Since AD33 so the story goes.

So that can’t be him at the window of a Brixton flat or snogging that woman in a crowded bar. Because the Great God Pan is dead. Or is he?

Drawn from personal stories and current obsessions, this tale of love and unsettling illnesses is Improbable with brown paper and projections, many self-help books and some very chaseable nymphs.

First presented at the Barbican in April 2009, Panic later toured to the Sydney Opera House.

Directed by Julian Crouch and Lee Simpson
Designed by Julian Crouch and Philip Eddols
Lighting Design by Colin Grenfell
Video Design by Lysander Ashton
Production Management by Graeme Nixon
Photography by Keith Pattison

Performed by Angela Clerkin, Lucy Foster, Matilda Leyser and Phelim McDermott

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