Global Improvisation Initiative Symposium 2019

15 – 18 May
Middlesex University, The Burroughs, London NW4 4BT

Co-hosted by Middlesex University, the Global Improvisation Initiative (GII) and the International Institute of Improvisation (III). Supported by University of California (Irvine).

“In sectors across the business and creative worlds, old models of cause and effect are becoming obsolete. We are beginning to acknowledge the complex and chaotic nature of the systems that surround us. Flexibility, fluidity, spontaneity and real time responsiveness are the essential qualities needed for this accelerated world. The future will belong to those who can improvise best.” Phelim McDermott & Lee Simpson

In May 2019, the III co-hosted the Global Improvisation Initiative: a global gathering of improvisers, artists, educators, scholars and activists promoting the evolution and advancement of theatrical improvisation for future generations. Two days of workshops, performances, presentations, and round-tables on improvisation around the theme of awareness, followed by two days of Open Space with Improbable’s Devoted and Disgruntled (D&D).

Day 1 and 2 (15 – 16 May): GII Symposium with presentations, workshops and performances
Day 3 and 4 (17 – 18 May): Devoted and Disgruntled (D&D) Open Space event

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