Created in collaboration with the Lyric, Hammersmith


Based on Angela Carter’s retelling of the classic fairytale.

A child lived in the ashes…So begins Angela Carter’s magical retelling of one of the oldest and best-loved of all the Christmas stories. Amidst the velvet curtains, the cardboard scenery and all the faded glitter of Panto-land a rich and strange magic stirs… Midnight approaches, and that glass slipper is once again waiting for a very special foot…Wicked humour, fantastical puppets and amazing design transform theatres into palaces of childhood dreams and fears.

…thanks to the rare skills of illusionist Paul Kieve, white streamers spilling from the fairy godmother’s mouth perform a breathtaking feat of aerial origami and form the skeleton of Cinderella’s coach, the disembodied limbs and manes of horses dancing into a final stunningly beautiful assemblage. All that, and lashings of double entendre, drag and a hilarious male prince. Well, what are you waiting for?
The Independent

Cinderella played at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith from November 1998 to January 1999.

Adapted and staged by Neil Bartlett, Julian Crouch, Phelim McDermott and Lee Simpson
Consultant Illusionist – Paul Kieve
Lighting Design by Jon Linstrum
Musical Direction by Chris Larner

Performed by Sherry Baines, Imogen Claire, Angela Clerkin, Jonathan Coyne, Martin Freeman, Richard Katz and Andy Smart.

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