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Mothers Who Make

Mothers Who Make is a growing national initiative aimed at supporting mothers who are artists – professional and/or passionate – writers, painters, actors, dancers, musicians, film-makers… every kind of maker is welcomed, and every kind of mother.

Note: Mothers Who Make is run by founder, Matilda Leyser, and producer, Lizzy Humber, as an independent project, supported by Improbable. Any enquiries about the role should be directed to Matilda or Lizzy rather than to Improbable.

You can find the Mothers Who Make website here: https://motherswhomake.org/

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Our Story:

Mothers Who Make was started in London in 2014 by mother, theatre maker and Improbable Associate Director Matilda Leyser. The initiative grew from Matilda’s sense of there being experiences and challenges specific to being both a mother and an artist. She noticed many parallels between the two roles: both are concerned with creativity and play, both require stamina, patience and sensitivity. Both are fuller than full time. This is work that will not be left behind at 5.00pm, work that wakes you up at night, concerned with fundamental questions of identity, looking after and making sense of who we are, where we have come from, who we might become. Mothers and artists are as vital, arguably more so, than bankers and politicians to our future. Despite this both jobs have precious little status in the current cultural climate.

We are delighted to announce our exciting commissioning initiative.

Emerging out of the National Theatre R&D group that Matilda ran last year, 7 London-based artists who are mothers have taken on a micro-commission to make a piece of work.

So without further ado, click here to read more about these 7 artists and their projects.

What participants say:

‘Every session leaves me feeling encouraged and supported and galvanized to dig deeper and keep making in anyway I can.’
Felicity Goodman

‘Mothers who make Groups…allow us to question the pictures we are given of perfect mothers or of selfish artists in their studios’
Lucy Tomlinson

‘The Mothers who Make sessions have been truly inspiring…hearing about other people’s practices and ambitions and coping strategies …‘
Valerie O’Riordan

If you’re keen to join, want to start a hub, or have any other questions, then please contact matilda@motherswhomake.org

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