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Open Space Technology

Creative facilitation for groups of all sizes.

For groups of 5 to 5000, Open Space Technology is an effective and refreshing alternative to the conference format. Break down boundaries, build collaborations, improve morale, empower staff to make change, and unlock expertise you never knew existed. Open Space Technology events can be held in your own or an external space, over one or more days.

Improbable builds the event around your needs, facilitates the event in its entirety and provides a report. Contact us to talk about what you need and find out how OST can help. Follow OST Improbable on LinkedIn and Twitter for articles and insights into how OST can help you.




What can Open Space Technology offer my organisation?

Open Space Technology is a transformational business tool and will help your organisation to:

  • Make the most of the expertise, creativity and passion of all stakeholders.
  • Collaboratively resolve complex problems.
  • Build strategy and transform organisations in an empowering and inclusive way.
  • Engage disparate groups in intelligent conflict-resolution.
  • Enable more dynamic networking.

…and this is just a flavour of the outcomes an Open Space Technology event can achieve. Contact us to discuss your needs and find out how it can help you and your organisation.

What is Open Space Technology?

Open Space Technology (OST) is a great way for groups to think, talk and take action together. It’s a process that enables change management, crisis management, group creativity, collaborative problem solving, improved communications and better networking. It can work for as few as 5 people, and as many as 500.

Facilitated by our expert team, participants self-organise to create their own agenda on the day, allowing a dynamic and immediate response to the issues at hand. The process allows free-flowing conversations about the things that really matter to the people in the room. Open Space Technology shifts workplace culture towards a more responsible and pragmatic outlook. Participants also work together to create a report containing the group’s expertise, viewpoints, creativity and recommendations generated during the event. The process also allows participants to plan further action and next steps collectively.

Improbable facilitates the event on the day, as well as providing guidance and mentoring in the planning stages. We can also provide bespoke services, such as graphic recorders, film documentation or additional evaluation where requested.

Improbable and Open Space

Improbable are internationally renowned as one of the UK’s most experienced Open Space Technology facilitators. We’ve been using the process for over 12 years for large and small groups, across a huge diversity of contexts.

As well as facilitating OST for clients, Improbable uses Open Space Technology as part of our creative and rehearsal process and we hold Open Space events all over the world for the creative sector under our internationally recognised Devoted and Disgruntled programme.

Contact us to discuss your needs and how Improbable can use Open Space Technology to help you and your organisation.



A two day event for all staff of a large and complex multi-departmental organisation going through organisational change and moving location. OST enabled meaningful horizontal engagement, highlighting areas that needed work in both practical and organisational terms. The event allowed senior management to gain vital insights into staff morale and effectiveness, and gave staff a sense of investment in the future of the organisation. Outcomes covered everything from the efficiency of chains of command, to installing energy-saving lightbulbs. The event created a culture of connectedness and improved communications, leading to easier problem solving in the future.


We facilitated an event for a large organisation whose development plans had met with adversity from a local community group. After a lively two-day Open Space event, both sides had come to profound realisations about the challenges and limitations faced by each party. The previously warring factions were able to work together beyond the event and reported greater understanding, a reduction in mutual scepticism and a better relationship during ongoing negotiations.