Improbable’s 21st Birthday

A celebration of Improbable's

21st Birthday

Later this year Improbable turns 21 – and we’re having a party.

On 29 October, we’ll take over one of our favourite buildings – Toynbee Studios on Commercial Street in London – for a celebration of the last two Improbable decades and a peek ahead to the future.

The party starts at 5pm with tea, cake and conversation, before you’re invited to roam the building where each room will contain a piece of the Improbable puzzle – sellotape to singing, BambinO to Beasts, new ideas to old favourites. You can explore the history of Improbable with curiosities and curious from our shows; rummage through archive and catch clips from our favourites; or create something new, like an Animo-style puppet to add to the collection. At 7.30pm Lee and Phelim will present a truly Improbable performance in the theatre; plus there’ll be a welcome drink courtesy of Sipmith’s Gin, bagels, bhajis, a good old dance, and a few other surprises along the way.

We’d be thrilled if you could join us.

Tickets are £25 and will get you access to the party from 5pm-10.30pm, a drink on us and some nosh – and in addition we’re asking if you’d gift us a birthday present, from £5 to £5,000.

“But I don’t even get my friends birthday presents” you cry! Well, we’re asking for your help. We’re hugely excited about the projects on our horizon – not just making new shows but taking them to new places and sharing with new audiences. About developing our participation projects for people not currently engaged with the arts. About continuing the 12-year conversation of Devoted & Disgruntled, making space as open, accessible and far-reaching as possible. And perhaps most of all about the International Institute of Improvisation, our major legacy project that seeks to shape, support and celebrate the future of improvisation.

These projects aren’t just dreams, but to breathe life into them we need to raise more funds than ever before – including £55,000 in this year alone. So whether it’s as small but fundamental as more sellotape or as massive and profound as Access provision for D&D, your presents and presence can help make the future even more Improbable in spirit and substance. 

You can read more about the party, presents and how to book below.

Huge thanks, as ever, for your support and friendship, and hope to see you in October,

Lee, Phelim, Matilda, Nick, Sarah, Anabel and Ben.


You can book tickets to the party by clicking here. 

A ticket to our birthday party from 5pm – 10.30pm on 29th October is £25, plus a birthday present from £5 to £5,000. Your ticket will get you access to the party plus a drink on us and some nosh; and your present would make one of these Improbable things happen…

£5 would buy the post-it notes for a D&D satellite.
For £50 we could get all the props for a production of Animo.
A workshop leader for our next participation workshop costs £125.
£500 would cover the costs of the model box for an Improbable theatre show or opera.
A gift of £1,000 would enable a week-long workshop on the development of the III.
£5,000 would pay for full Access provision, including BSL interpreters, a hearing loop and a quiet room, for our annual D&D. 

If you can make it to our party on 29th October, please click here to select a present and RSVP.

If you can’t make it to the party but might still be able to send us a present anyway, please click here. 

Or if you’d like to come to the party but can’t afford a ticket, you could gift us a bit of your time by volunteering at the party instead. Drop a line to to have a chat.

Huge thanks for whatever you might be able to gift us – without your support we’d never have made it to the grand old age of 21.