Mothers Who Make

Creativity and motherhood don't need to be mutually exclusive

Mothers Who Make

Mothers who Make is a growing national network aimed at supporting mothers who are artists, working in any discipline and at any stage of their careers. It was started by Matilda Leyser in London in 2012 and has rapidly spread across the country, with groups currently having met in over ten different regions.

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It is a peer support group and creative exchange session for mothers who are artists – professional and/or passionate – writers, painters, actors, dancers, filmmakers, photographers…every kind of maker welcome, and every kind of mother.

The sessions, which have gathered momentum over the past few months, aim to give creative mothers the chance to explore their practice in a room with their child. Professional connections have been formed and led to the beginning of joint projects between participants – so it’s a great way to meet and collaborate with other mothers from different creative backgrounds.

You are invited to join this inspiring and growing initiative. Please feel free to bring along your children, of any age, whether they are inside you, beside you or running around the room!

LONDON: Next meeting TBC.
27th June CANCELLED. 

MANCHESTER: Meetings are at HOME
10th July, 4th September 10.30am – 12.30pm

HALIFAX: Meetings are at CROFT
Starting up again in September at The Square Chapel. Details to follow.

5t July 10.30am-12pm

BRISTOL: Starting up in July.

Please note this is a holding page for Mothers Who Make only. It is not a project produced by Improbable.
Mothers Who Make was founded by Associate Producer of Improbable, Matilda Leyser.